Middletown’s Bayshore – North Middletown, Port Monmouth, Belford and Leonardo were hard hit by Superstorm Sandy. The flooding caused by Superstorm Sandy was far greater than anything Middletown has ever seen in its history. More than 1,200 homes are affected. Hundreds of homes will need to be rebuilt.

The Middletown Disaster Relief Fund in cooperation with the New Monmouth Baptist Church has approved approximately 170 applications of qualified Middletown residents and will award approximately $300,000 in grants to help those most severely affected by Superstorm Sandy continue to rebuild their lives and their homes. Grants amount are awarded in a variety of ranges based on severity of damage, insurance reimbursement, and financial need with an average award of approximately $1700. The New Monmouth Baptist Church is currently in the process of notifying approved applicants and will be awarding the grants as directed by the Robin Hood Foundation. The MDRF would like to thank the New Monmouth Baptist Church and the Robin Hood Foundation for all of their help and support with this latest grant program.
  • The maximum amount of funding for the each homeowner is $2500.
  • To apply, residents must read the instructions and fill out the attached application and return it to either the New Monmouth Baptist Church or via mail to the Middletown Disaster Relief Fund, PO Box 4068, Middletown, NJ 07748
  • All inquiries and questions should be sent to middletownrelief@gmail.com or the New Monmouth Baptist Church at sandyrelief@nmbchurch.org. Please do not contact the Mayor's office or the Township of Middletown.
  • Income and other verification will be required.
  • The program is limited to Middletown Township residents only.
  • Residents who do not receive a grant may still receive assistance in volunteer labor and should fill out application regardless to assess needs.

If you would like to help those who lost so much on the Middletown bayshore, please send donations to the following charity that the Mayor has established:

Middletown Disaster Relief Fund
PO Box 4068
Middletown, NJ 07748